Yvette Felarca And Antifa Hold ‘Secret’ Meeting Before Weekend Rallies – Crashed By Trump Supporters

Not So Fast…

Yvette Felarca, BAMN and Antifa held what was supposed to be a ‘secret’ exclusive meeting at UC Berkeley ahead of this weekend’s San Francisco and Berkeley rallies.  After a flyer leaked about the gathering, Trump supporters and others opposed to the Alt-Left’s tactics showed up at the classroom’s door where the meeting was being held and demanded entry.

After a few shoving matches broke out at the door, the police were finally called.  Police gave in to Felarca who decided who should and shouldn’t be allowed into the classroom.

With the whole meeting doxxed anyway, people who meant to secretly record video and ended up disallowed from entry posted their videos online regarding the entryway battle.

There is apparently another meeting to be held right before the Berkeley rally on Sunday.  Rumors from sources undercover in BAMN have said that Antifa plans on stashing weapons and possibly M-80’s in the bushes surrounding MLK park in Berkeley, CA where the rally is supposed to be held.

We were able to get our hands on some undercover audio from within the meeting that contained many chant practices, including a new chant that the group plans to unveil on Saturday in San Francisco and on Sunday in Berkeley.  The source said he left the meeting to talk to the police who were standing outside the doorway.