YouTube Censorship—Nicholas J Fuentes BANNED From Streaming Platform



Popular video hosting platform YouTube has officially censored the America First political talk show host Nicholas J Fuentes from streaming on their service. After years of conservative censorship from every major social media website, YouTube has joined the ranks of progressive tech giants hellbent on crushing the First Amendment and wiping dissenting voices from the internet.

Nicholas J Fuentes hosts the wildly popular America First political talk show Monday through Friday on YouTube where he discusses foreign and domestic affairs, current political events and provides a unique cultural critique not found anywhere else in the American political sphere. Focused on America’s generation Z, Fuentes (21) provides an outlet to the American youth disaffected with mainstream politics.

Early Friday morning, Fuentes received notice from YouTube that he had received “strikes” on videos he had previously deleted, temporarily barring him from streaming and receiving donations on the platform.

Fuentes, who has been pivotal in the de-radicalization of what was formerly known as the “Alt-Right” with his fervent critique of the now defunct political movement, is uniquely responsible for steering the American youth away from radical rhetoric and action while presenting a safer path forward for disenfranchised youth.

While it is currently unclear whether YouTube will reconsider it’s decision in withholding it’s service from Fuentes, for the time being you can find Fuentes on free speech video hosting platform Dlive here: