YouTube Decides To Ban Gun Videos

YouTube Imposes Another Set of Restrictions In 2018 1984

According to Bloomberg newsYouTube has made a decision to ban all firearms demo videos, entering the gun control debate.

YouTube is, or at least was a popular media site for firearms spotters and enthusiasts.  Well, this week the video platform quietly introduced yet another set of restrictions on videos.  This time these restriction involve guns.

Bloomberg reports that YouTube will start issuing bans on gun demonstration videos and channels as well as any channel or video that promotes or links to websites selling firearms and accessories, lie gun stores.  This eradicates channels like Hickok45 which has almost 4 million subscribers and countless channels like his.

These channels often link to local gun stores and steel targets mom and pop shops who sponsor their content.  This practice will also now be explicitly prohibited on YouTube.

The decision by YouTube will potentially result in hundreds of millions of hours of content being wiped from the platform.  It will also erase millions of dollars of ad and sponsor revenue from countless creators, rendering channels like Hickok45 and others in the ‘poor house.’

Additionally, YouTube said it will prohibit videos with instructions on how to assemble firearms.  There are currently millions of videos on the site that show how to assemble rifles and how to dismantle your gun and learn how to clean it properly.  This type of content will now be flagged.

The video site, owned by Alphabet Inc.’s Google, has faced intense criticism for hosting videos about guns, bombs and other deadly weapons.  Looks like they’re caving to it.