Your Name Might be on This Nazi-Like Democrat Website Collecting Lists of Trump Supporters “That Give Money to Support a Racist”

Democrats have made a website dedicated to compiling lists of thousands of Donald Trump supporters who have donated to his presidency using data. The website claims the list is of “Americans that give money to support a racist”.

An individual researcher had found that not only is the website compiling personal information of thousands of Trump supporters, but when accessing the website, it collects your browser data as well.

The list is alphabetical, as well as searchable through inputting an address, making it easy to verify if someone you know might have financially supported the president.

When entering an address, a map will pop up showing the exact locations of Trump supporters who have donated in the past.

When clicking on one of the locators, you finds the full name, address and contributions the individual has made.

It is not entirely implausible that the lists of Donald Trump supporters compiled on this website might be used in the future to persecute supporters of President Donald J Trump, as the radical left has begun openly calling for putting Trump supporters through “re-education” camps, and imprisoning them for their support of the President.