RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! Yes Stein Reached $5 Million For Recount, But The Effort Is Hopeless. Here’s Why

All of those who have donated to the recount effort may have wasted their money.

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein’s effort is raising money to force a recount of the general election results in threejill_stein-2-4_3 Rust Belt states.  She has surpassed her initial fundraising goal and crossed the $4 million mark today.

Stein is calling for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. But the effort is probably all for not.

The deadline to request a recount in Wisconsin was Friday, and Jill Stein mad it in just in time. The Michigan and Pennsylvania recount dates are next week.

But does this all matter?

Here is what the current electoral map looks like as of right now, before recount attempts. Wisconsin and Pennsylvania went to Trump on election night, with Michigan finally closing and going to Trump on Thanksgiving night. 306 electorates went to Trump vs 232 for Hillary.



Lets say hypothetically, that all the requests go through and that they overturn Michigan and Pennsylvania. Even if MI and PA , after a long grueling legal process, change, that is still not enough for President-elect Trump to fall under  the 270 electorate threshold. Here is what the map would look like with those states flipping.  First of all it is unfeasible for any of these states to change after a hopeless recall, let alone all 3 states.  Which is what Hillary would need.  All three.


The reason for all of this chaos is because in recent days, they have seized on a report by a respected computer scientist and other experts suggesting that Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the keys to Mr. Trump’s Electoral College victory, need to manually review paper ballots to assure the election was not hacked.

That computer scientist was J. Alex Halderman   halderman_um14-md

“Were this year’s deviations from pre-election polls the results of a cyberattack?” J. Alex Halderman, a computer science professor at the University of Michigan  wrote on Medium on Wednesday .

“Probably not.”

“More likely pre-election polls were systematically wrong.” But the only way to resolve the lingering questions would be to examine “paper ballots and voting equipment in critical states,” he wrote.

Outside of a recount, another hopeless attempt to call for states electors to go “rogue,” and vote against Trump come December 19th, when the state electors officially cast their ballots.  President-elect Trump’s aide was trolling Clinton’s supporters and their attempts on Thursday:

As far as swinging elector’s votes goes, there have been many reports of electoral college members being harassed and threatened with their lives to switch their votes to Clinton by rabid liberals.

The problem is 29 states have what is called “bind electors.”  This binds the electors in those 29 states to vote for the candidate that won the vote within that state in the general election.   These 29 states alone, are enough for Trump to still retain the presidency.

Here are the 29 states with bind electors.