Writer For The Guardian and GQ Says Obama Should ‘MURDER Trump’

In a Wednesday tweet, a writer for the British edition of GQ wondered aloud whether President Barack Obama could murder president-elect Donald Trump and vice president-elect Mike Pence and then pardon himself.

“Could Obama murder Trump and Pence, then Pardon himself?” the British reporter tweeted Wednesday. “Asking for humanity.” Rupert Myers quickly deleted the idiotic tweet.

Myers even tried to defend himself.   He referred to Trump supporters in a reply as “daft” and “entirely humorless.” It’s not a good idea to joke about killing the incoming president, especially since that is a class E Felony.

Here is the tweet…

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 10.56.43 AM


And in case you are wondering, yes threatening the president of the United States is a class E Felony under United States Code title 18.  Even if he is the President-elect, it is still a felony.  Though there are loopholes in his actual tweet that you could say are secondary, carefully worded and not direct threat, we could see why he deleted it.

What we don’t understand however is how someone like this would ever think it was a good idea to put their direct threats on youtube.  Take this subhuman for example…