For What It’s Worth: Regis Philbin Says “Trump Doing Great Job!”

TMZ caught up with Regis Philbin outside of a Hollywood Event and asked him about the Trump cabinet and how he thinks the administration is doing so far.  The TMZ reporter tried hard to bait Regis and convince him into being afraid of a Trump administration, but Philbin stood his ground.

The reporter first asked: “What do you think about all business men turned government officials?”

Philbin responded: “So far I think (Trump) has done quite well.  He’s getting things done that have never been done before.”

The reported then tried to bat him again: “No concern about Trump possibly sending troops down to Mexico, did you read about that?”

Philbin repsonded: “Well I don’t think thats going to happen.”

Sounds like Regis has a lot of common sense going for him.  A thing that is very lacking in the Hollywood scene.  If I had to guess, the mainstream Hollywood elite have to bash Trump otherwise they won’t be contracted for work.  The proof definitely reveals itself when you see more and more less relevant Hollywood people coming forth to support Trump, because they know they don’t have to keep up a certain “appearance” anymore.  Here’s the video:


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