Women’s March Organizer Under Fire For Attacking FGM Survivor… With More FGM

WomensMarch Co-Chair, Linda Sarsour’s Twitter attack on victim of female genital mutilation

The organizer of the women’s march, Linda Sarsour, is under fire for a tweet of hers that resurfaced attacking a victim of female genital mutilation via Islam in Somalia. Sarsour’s tweet was directed at Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Recently Ali has come out with several books and has spoken out publicly against Sharia law regarding  the effects that Sharia has had on her, including suffering female genital mutilation, which is part of Sharia law itself.

Here is Sarsour’s tweet at Ali:



Essentially Sarsour attacked Ali with further FGM. As Sarsour has come to the public light, so has her dark past and support for Sharia law to be the law of the United States.  He previous tweets and public speeches regarding Sharia, essentially lobbying for Sharia here in America, show her blatant malice.  For anyone who has studied the basis and depths behind Sharia law, you will know that it has some very extreme and evil layers underneath Sarsour’s represented surface which is served to anyone that gives her the time of day, as ‘good for everyone.’ But this is a fallacy to say the least. The Clarion project and Pew research have done thousands and thousands of hours of research regarding the percentage of world Muslims that believe that Sharia law should be higher than the constitution.  The research ALSO stated that approximately 1 in 4 American Muslims believe that Sharia law should be the law of the land, approximately 1 in 5 world Muslims believe in death for apostasy and approximately 1 in 5 world Muslims believe that suicide bombings can be justified.

Here are Sarsour’s tweets supporting Sharia law:


Sharia law in and of itself is completely and utterly anti-Woman and anti-gay.  Period.  This is indisputable.  So what she was doing organizing a Women’s march, I have no idea and it’s still a head-scratcher for anyone of any intelligence whatsoever. Let’s start with the head covering just to make it simple.  The reason why Muslim women and mandated by Men, (key word) to cover their head is because they believe that a Women’s hair is what attract men to them.  The are forced to cover their head, and in some more strict Muslim countries, their entire body, because they believe that if they do not, it invites seduction and then the Woman is at fault for whatever happens.

Here is a video of Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the news today, explaining what happened during the string of attacks by Sarsour…


When you further unpack Sharia law, one of the things that is the most well documented is that homosexuality is a crime punishable by death.  Death for apostasy is another, death for insulting Allah, death for casting insult on the messenger which is Muhammad and flogs and beatings for various other things including, but obviously not limited to: Adultery, Theft and masturbation. Don’t believe me?  Here is video evidence of Imams, (two of which are preaching here in American mosques,) spouting this rhetoric to their followers.

I can just hear them now. The banner leftist argument: ” In the old testament you can find things like this too.”  Yes, you could argue that the old testament does have some dark twists and turns that are similar.  HOWEVER, inarguably, this is why it is called the old testament.  Chrenistians have since had a reformation, and progression of their religion.  This is why Christians, for a very, very long time have lived and died by the new testament.  Muslims, not all, but a good majority follow a strict 6th century ideology still to this day. Furthermore, and frankly most importantly, when was the last time you saw a Christian run into a parade in Boston, a plane in New York or a Christmas party in California and start screaming “long live Jesus Christ” and then proceed  to blow everyone up?  It doesn’t happen.  The former however, happens a lot.  Thousands per year all across the globe.

Here are some further laws under Sarsour’s favorite code of conduct:


Another prominent Palestinian, Lalo Degach, who  is truly for Women’s rights and well know by true feminists like Christina Hoff Summers, tweeted a hilarious nugget, locking away Sarsour’s hateful tweets forever in the Facebook vault so she couldn’t keep deleting them.

He tweets: ” Linda Sarsour is deleting all of her hateful sexist tweets, so I have uploaded many to Facebook.”

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