Woman Asks ‘Alexa’ If It Is Connected To The CIA – Gets This Response…

Cheers To Those Who Knew 20 Years Ago

Ever since the era of Edward Snowden, and for the millennials, since the movie ‘Snowden’ came out, almost no conspiracy theories are that far fetched anymore.  Gone are the days that people tell you to “take of your tinfoil hat,” when talking about the CIA or FBI spying on us, or putting tape over your computer or phone camera for that matter.

Thanks to Snowden and now Julian Assange, I am not called “crazy” anymore for covering up idol digital cameras with electric tape.  Heck, even Mark Zuckerberg does it.

But did anyone know it was to this extent?  Sure some did, but why does no one seem to care?  Why does almost no one flinch at the fact that the FBI director said recently that ‘There Is No Such Thing As Absolute Privacy In America,’ and that our communications with our spouses, friends, etc are “not absolutely private?”

Does anyone care about the constitutional rights that we, as Americans, are entitled to?  It was not too long ago that real patriots overthrew the government for taxes on tea! Now, the recently approved docs in vault 7 regarding the CIA shows that ‘intelligence arms are literally tapping into our smart tv’s, our phones, computer cameras, and watching everyday normal citizens WITHOUT a court order.  Put aside the fact that the supposed “Most transparent” President, Barack Obama expanded the NSA’s spying capabilities and the NDAA, and people still love him. Let’s focus on the leaked documentation proving that the ‘deep state’ can and is currently tapping into any and all of our devices without a court order and potentially redirecting the taps origin to another scapegoat nation. Why do the masses of ‘sheeple’ seem to not give one hoot?

Alexa Are You Connected To The CIA?

Amazon released a statement a while back regarding the ‘Alexa’ technology, saying that Alexa has a ‘can not lie,’ programming.  Essentially saying that when asking anything to  ‘Alexa,’ the learning machine can not lie with it’s answer.  Watch what happens when this unknown woman asks ‘Alexa,’ if it is connected to the CIA…