Will Antifa Disrupt The Hordes Of Trump Supporters Helping In Houston?

If You Ask Antifa, Houston Just Got A Lot More Fascist

Antifa has been in the news a lot lately.  The mainstream media finally had no choice but to cease their protection of the group after the narrative became impossible to twist via recent events in Berkeley on Sunday.  Many videos went viral showing Antifa members attacking peaceful Trump supporters, journalists and even the occasional passerby. Was the media’s newfound change of heart on the terrorist group genuine? Probably not, but they had no other way of spinning it.  The democrats on the other hand are probably seeing internal 2018 poll numbers flooring.  Causing a ‘disavow frenzy.’

But these attacks by Antifa are nothing new.  This has been going on for a very long time.   Journalists and Trump supporters everywhere, including internationally, as we have seen in Germany, have been speaking out for at least a year about this and no one, except for alternative media batted an eye.

Antifa is well know to those on the ground for showing up with the sole purpose of violence and disruption to what otherwise would be peaceful events, protests and rallies held by supporters of President Trump. So I have to ask, is Antifa likely to show up in Houston to protest the presence of all the Trump supporters making the trip to help?  Because there’s thousands who have traveled there and are currently traveling as we speak to do just that.

A few chapters of the Proud Boys have ben sharing about some of the things they’re helping with on the ground.  This includes patrolling and protecting housing tracks and retail stores from potential looters


Other small factions and conservative leaning militias are also heading out that way, if they’re not already there including Robert Zerfing of the ‘Common Sense Conservative,’ Francis Marion of “American Freedom Keepers” and Tiny who is widely known most recently for entering in Civic Center park in Berkeley with his hands up asking for peace while Antifa beat him and Joey Gibson with shields that had the words “no hate” printed on them.


Francis Marion of the ‘American Freedom Keepers,’ a group that has been seen at rallies, have been called ‘fascists,’ ‘nazis’ and ‘racists,’ streamed today from his Facebook page giving us an update on groups that are heading down there and a status update to his trip.  Many different chapters of ‘3 percenters,’ are also already there on the ground helping passing out food and supplies.

Robert Zerfing of Liberty One TV tells his viewers about the thousands of patriots who are heading down there and that he’s putting his life on hold to go and give a hand to people in need.  People of all colors.  Keep in mind this is also a man that has been labeled by the Alt-left as a white supremacist amongst many other things.

The truth of the matter folks is that this boogeyman that Antifa says they’re fighting against is about as common as winning the McDonald’s Monopoly game.   The excuse they use to push their violent anarchy, their open hate capitalism and their disdain for America has been exposed as just that.  A straw man fallacy.  Remember this is the same group that has now officially been named a domestic terror group by the department of homeland security.

I wouldn’t be shocked if we saw photos of Antifa beating Trump supporters as they pull senior citizens from their flooded homes.