Why Trump Needs to Hire Douglas Macgregor as National Security Adviser if He’s Serious About ‘America First’

To the average American who follows politics, it appears that President Trump has done a complete 180 degree turn on his foreign policy views since announcing his candidacy for President in 2015.  President Trump very quickly went from once warning President Obama that attacking Syria would be a disastrous idea, to actually attacking Syria himself.

Some pundits theorize that the 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles Trump launched from the Mediterranean Sea into Syria were meant to send a message to North Korea. Others think they were an attempt to coerce China into trade talks as Donald Trump informed the Chinese president Xi Jinping that he had launched missile strikes on Syria as the pair ate “the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you have ever seen”, the US president claimed.

Syria however, is not the only country Trump tweeted about in his promotion of a non-interventionist foreign policy.

In 2013, Trump tweeted about Iraq being a “waste of blood and treasure.”  He stated on twitter that former Bush administration officials have zero standing on Syria or foreign policy because of their horrible track record. This sort of rhetoric from 2013 resembled more of a Ron Paul than a Ben Shapiro.

But five years later, despite the countless tweets against it President Trump proceeded to hire John Bolton, a staunch neocon warmonger as his national security adviser.  Bolton was also ironically a former Bush administration official.

Once again, to the average person paying attention to politics, it appears President Trump has completely reversed course from his well documented very public stance on foreign policy.

Personally, I do not buy into the narrative that President Trump has changed his views on foreign policy.  I do not believe that Trump has somehow magically transformed from a vocal non-interventionist into Bill Kristol within a matter of months.  I do however share a theory with someone who might be in the running as the new National Security Adviser, former army Colonel Douglas MacGregor.

Some sources have reported that Tucker Carlson favorite, Douglas MacGregor has a major chance to replace Bolton.  MacGregor who has appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight several times to ream Bolton and other neocons in the Trump administration, is even possibly on the short list for National Security Adviser.

Macgregor also recently spoke directly with President Trump, but it’s unclear what they discussed. A source close to The Red Elephants says that MacGregor has a “40% chance” to take Bolton’s place. According to Kevin Corke of Fox News and Steven Nelson of Washington Examiner, there are some other names that are in the running outside of MacGregor. Those names include Ricky Waddell, Brian Hook, and Steve Beigan.

An ‘unnamed black female officer’ has reportedly appeared on the short list as well according to our sources. When we jokingly asked if this was Condoleeza Rice, the source responded with a prompt “NO.”

In one segment with Tucker Carlson, MacGregor went on to state the obvious about the many Bush and Obama holdovers who absolutely despise President Trump and are actively working to undermine Trump’s America First agenda. MacGregor says the reason for this is because Trump was rushed to fill positions upon becoming President, and was coerced into hiring anti-Trump holdovers who then hired all of their friends.  In another segment with Tucker, MacGregor also hinted that John Bolton was actively attempting to spark another ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ event.

For true America First conservatives, the only clear option to take over as National Security adviser is obviously Douglas MacGregor.  Some say they will accept nothing less.  The Ron Paul Institute even recently rushed to publish an article speaking highly of MacGregor’s foreign policy stance after hearing the news of Bolton’s departure.

“Macgregor would provide a big change after Bolton. On August 24 at the Ron Paul Institute (RPI) conference “Breaking Washington’s Addiction to War,” Macgregor presented a speech advising actions President Donald Trump should take in the remainder of his first term. In the speech titled “National Security Without Constant Conflict,” Macgregor described a path forward largely focused on decreasing US intervention overseas — quite a change from the uber-interventionism promoted by Bolton.”

You can watch here Macgregor’s speech “President Trump’s New Pax Americana” from RPI’s 2018 “Media & War” conference:

It is expected that Bolton’s successor will be announced sometime next week. In the meantime Trump should be constantly reminded on twitter that he campaigned to end middle eastern wars and random regime changes. This was a reason many Trump supporters, from the Democratic and Republican party, voted for him.

If Macgregor is tapped for the job, not only will it be great for the country, but it will further tick off Ben Shapiro, Brett Stephens, and others like them.  Which will be hilarious.