Whoopi Goldberg Bashes Kellyanne Conway’s “Microwave” Comment, But CIA Says Kellyanne Was RIGHT!

Whoopi Goldberg and the View crew, went on a minutes long tirade yesterday about how Kellyanne Conway mentioned that the CIA and other intelligence arms can literally spy on you through home appliances like dishwashers and microwaves.  The cast bashed Conway for the statement during just about the entire TV segment, obviously without researching actual released validated documents, that confirm conway’s statement before deciding to do a whole ‘bash Conway and Trump segment.

Many prominent news publications also took part in throwing shade at Conway as well for the comments like Wired, Huff Po and NY Times.  Of course, like most of the left media news organizations out there, they didn’t bother to actually research their own published articles, some of which confirmed what Kellyanne said was backed up by President Obama’s former intelligence arms. Literally.  Like this Wired article form 2012 quoting that Obama’s CIA chief actually said “we will spy on you through your home appliances, ” vs. this Wired piece from Monday making fun of Kellyanne for saying the exact same thing.

Our close friend and Twitter star, Baked Alaska breaks it all down for us in the video below.  Packed with humor and facts, this video is a must see showing the complete disregard for research the left media has…

WATCH: Undeniable Proof Conway Was Correct: