A Whiteness ‘Art Show’ At Mesa College Depicts Washington Made Out of Crackers

Washington is Next

Artist Andrea Chung, is putting on an art show at Mesa College in San Diego that depicts George Washington’s face made entirely out of crackers.  This is likely a reference to the derogatory term ‘cracker’ used for white Americans.

The piece will be on gallery through February 28th.

Chung describes the show as an ‘aim to highlight an unconscious and contradictory thought. Whiteness is the default,’ she says in her Facebook post.

She goes on to say;

‘But it denies that it is privileged, all while fearing the loss of its position as the “default.”

Whiteness is the standard for how we (and others) measure ourselves (and others). It goes unnoticed until it is deposed from its pedestal. White history is posited as American history, ignoring the full citizenship and contributions (voluntary or involuntary) of people of color in this country and the full context of their stories. It also dictates when we can acknowledge our history and when our opinions and expertise “matter.”

Students at the college suggest that she is ‘just doing it for attention,’ however some don’t seem to believe this and say that it is in line with other ‘anti-white’ narratives that have been spread by professors and students in colleges all across the country.

When someone commented on her post referencing the term ‘cracker’ and it’s correlation to the project, Chung responded with laughing emojis.

Students who disagree with her message have placed several counter posters over the posters advertising her art show.

One of the counter posters read “not stolen, conquered.”