White Berkeley Professor Calls Black Trump Supporter A Nazi

Just when you thought that you heard it all from the left, you hear something that makes your brain hurt the next day.  Such was on April 27th in Berkeley for the Free Speech Rally 2.0.

While the rally was entirely peaceful this time around as Antifa was too traumatized to show up, there were a few non-physical confrontations and arguments.  ‘Baked Alaska’ caught a one of these intense ‘discussions’ from a Berkeley professor and a black Trump supporter.

After facts were thrown from the Trump side vs identity politics and baseless words like racist, homophobic and xenophobic from the left side, one professor showed her true IQ of about 10.  Yes. She literally called a black Trump supporter a “Nazi.”

This wasn’t the first time a white leftists called a black Trump supporter a nazi and it won’t be the last.  We have seen countless videos showing this exact occasion occurring as well as white liberals throwing labels at black Trump supporters like ‘racist,’ ‘uncle Toms’ and many other baseless and brainless dichotomies.

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