When You Cannot Lobby the general Public, Buy Publications — Amazon has their own News Account that Defends Their Own Corporate Interests

Previously, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos acquired The Washington Post for $250 million, presumably to defend and further their own corporate interests. Now, Amazon has a branded news account on Twitter that they use to defend and further their own corporate interests.

Amazon is one of the most predatory companies in human history. While millions of small businesses have struggled over the course of the government mandated lockdowns, Amazon has thrived, doubling their worth, all while using their connections with the Washington Post to further COVID-19 hysteria, furthering lockdowns, resulting in billions in profit.

As you can see, there are over 7,000 articles on The Washington Post referencing COVID-19 lockdowns.

One of these results leads us to an article from Christmas time, where the author guides their readers to Amazon to buy a cell phone stand for Christmas.

It is no secret that powerful groups and individuals acquire publications to further their own goals and economic interests. This is a practice as old as time itself.

What is surprising is the lack of scrutiny these sorts of practices attract from the general public, and from the government. But when you look at the political donations Amazon has made across the political spectrum, it all starts to make sense.

Companies, groups and individuals who have the means can literally buy politicians, and lobby them for favorable policy that they financially benefit from. For instance, Amazon supports Democrat politicians so heavily due to the fact that Amazon directly benefits from low cost labor, which comes across the boarder in the form of unfiltered immigration.

When it comes to the general public, it is much more difficult to directly buy them off with lump-sum donations. This is why a company would directly benefit from acquiring a reputable publication. The Washington Post reports on immigration policy from a progressive, left-leaning perspective, as it directly financially benefits Amazon.