WH Advisor: “Trump Could Tear Up The UN Paris Climate Agreement Tomorrow.”

“Americanism NOT Globalism Will Be Our Credo.”

Donald Trump recently signed an executive order citing that any new government regulation that is put into place must come only after 2 other previous regulations are dismembered. You may remember, during Trump’s election campaign, he also promised  to boost oil, gas drilling and coal mining industries by slashing regulation. This campaign talk and his recent orders may be leading up to a much bigger eradication of policies and bureaucratic red-tape regulations, preventing US businesses and economy to flourish.

In comes the Paris climate deal: A former White House advisor says that Trump could likely tear up the Paris climate agreement as early as sometime this week.

Myron Ebell, who headed up the President’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) transition team, said Trump may even pull out of the global pact to cut emissions ‘by executive order tomorrow’.

This is a clear contradiction between Trump and Rex Tillerson, who said the US will “remain part” of UN climate discussions. When asked about this contrast, Ebell said:

“In a disagreement with the president, who do you think will win?”

If this happens, this is a major step toward fighting the dark, evil enemy of the people known as globalism.  It will also be just one of the many promises that Trump has kept, and fulfilled within just the first month of his presidency.

Here is the video of the press conference below…


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