WEIRD: Joe Biden Took Nancy Pelosi to Tattoo Parler in 2014 to Get “Pro-Democracy” Tattoos

In 2014, Vice President Joe Biden took Nancy Pelosi to a tattoo parlor to get tattoos together. No, this didn’t actually happen, it was a joint promotion of the HBO series “VEEP” and Vice President Joe Biden. The “tattoo” can be viewed as a metaphor for the permanent bond between Hollywood and the Democrat party, as the two institutions coalesce seamlessly into one.

The advertisement can be seen as a perfect coming together of the Democratic Party and Hollywood, where you can view a seamless promotion of both, as they ridicule and demean Republicans. The tattoo parlor is supposed to speak to millennials, who watch a lot of television and who somehow view this as relatable. Though, as a millennial, I feel insulted by the low quality bait.

The youtube video of the “tattoo” can be viewed below:

For what it is worth, Donald Trump was a straight shooter. He never got these gushy promotions from Hollywood. Hollywood hated President Donald Trump because Donald Trump was a president of the American people, and Hollywood hates the American people.

For now, we are dealing with an administration capable of wielding the power of every Hollywood production company, every mainstream media company and every major social media platform against you, so prepare for the feeling that you are living in an alternative dimension because that is what they are setting up for you.

As you begin to feel reality shift, and as you look around and think to yourself about just how unrelatable everything has become, know that the reality set before you is a reality produced in a Hollywood style setting, where the politicians are the producers, the media are the directors and you are the dopey lead character who is just beginning to put it all together.