WATCH: War Breaks Out At March 4th Berkeley Trump Rally

Free Speech Is DEAD In Former Free Speech Capital

BERKELEY: Spirits were at an all time high all across america as hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters gathered in hundreds of cities to support their President.  Most were peaceful showing Trump supporters dancing singing, waving the American flag and supporting their President.

At Berkeley on the other hand, the hot bed for communist teachings by professors and the birthplace of radical left wing groups the likes of U of M’s Weather Underground, the situation broke out into a quasi-civil war.

ANTIFA, the communist, cultural Marxist and pro-Stalinist group showed up and violence ensued.  One of the people on the receiving end was this elderly man, which an ANTIFA member intentionally sought out and sprayed him in the face with pepper spray.

Multiple fist fights broke out at the Berkeley rally including this one which looked like the front lines of Pickett’s charge at Gettysburgh during the civil war.

While this fight and many others ensued, police stood by motionless doing seemingly nothing about the violence.  This Trump supporter confronted the line of police standing idly by as a violent fight broke out.  ANTIFA thugs, carrying chains, poles and knives attacked Trump supporters like something out of the book ‘Outsiders.”

Berkeley was later shut down and in this video, police can be seen on motorcycles chasing down one of the Antifa members that allegedly struck a police officer.  So apparently I guess it is only when one of their own is attacked that the police in Northern California take action.  It’s probably safe to assume that the police in Northern California are also products of the extreme leftists propaganda being doled out in Northern California Universities  like candy.

Many came out of the carnage pepper sprayed, beat up, bloody and wounded. This Trump supporter is seen by the cameras, seeking medical attention after ANTIFA communist members surrounded him and beat him with longs poles and chains.


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