WATCH: Transgender Explains Why He Supports Military Ban & Trump

Trump’s Ban On Transgenders In Military Getting Support From Unlikely Sources

The naton erupted Wednesday morning when President Donald Trump released a series of tweets saying that after speaking with many generals and top military officials, he will be signing an executive order to reinstate the ban on transgenders serving in the military.

Presumably millions of  left-leaning American citizens screamed in agony as they awoke to see these tweets by the President however do they see their Hypocrisy?  According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Psychiatric Institute, transgenderism or otherwise known as gender dysphoria, is an actual mental disorder according to… well science.  Just a couple of months ago, liberals’ heads were exploding via a bill that was repealed by President Trump which allegedly would allow “people with mental disorders” to have guns.  Of course this wasn’t the case at all however the left have always used the whole “mental disorder” argument when it came to the gun rights argument.

Vincent James from The Red Elephants wanted to get an unlikely opinion though about the situation.  You know from an actual transgender citizen. Trans people only make up around 0.8% of the American population however the situation has undoubtedly become politicized.  It seems like countless people on the left are quick to scream from their rooftops about policies regarding transgenders, yet fail to actually get an opinion from the actual people who are affected by this.  Their opinions are obviously mixed.