WATCH: Terror Group ‘Black Lives Matter’ Tears Down Confederate Monument

Why Has NO ONE In The Media Condemned Or Forced POTUS To Condemn Black Lives Matter Who Is Directly Responsible For The Deaths Of Police In Dallas And Louisiana?

DURHAM – On Monday, Black Lives Matter protesters gathered around a statue in protest which has sat outside the Durham country courthouse since 1924.

One of the protesters eventually straps from a truck, lassoed the head of the confederate statue.  Several members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter then watched in silence as their members began pulling at the monument until it eventually toppled over.  The crowd cheered while some began kicking the bronze and lead statue with obvious expected results.

No police were seen around the permit-less assembly and no ‘right-wing’ opposition showed up.  Not shocking as right-wingers usually believe in free speech and never show up to oppose protesters. Police have not yet opened an investigation on the defacing of this public property either.


The question remains. Hate groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa and BAMN have been allowed to go wild in the streets luting stores, burning limos and eventually causing the death of 5 police officers in Dallas from their rhetoric and chants that advocate for killing police.  They have been seen marching in the streets chanting “what do we want – dead cops – when do we want them – now,” and “pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon.”

Where is the media on all of this?  Obama essentially blamed the police for police deaths while he spoke at the funeral of the dead police officers in Dallas. “No one is entirely innocent and that includes our police officers,” Obama said with a smirk, while the left media cheered. No one in the left media blamed BLM’s rhetoric for the deaths.  No one in the left media called for Obam to fix his speech. Yet they’re calling for Trump’s head at every waking moment.


Takiya Thompson, woman who admits to climbing & helping bring down Confederate statue in Durham, was arrested on Tuesday.  Thompson was the one who climbed the statue and lassoed the strap around the head of the monument.