WATCH: President Erdogan Sat And Watched As His Bodyguards Beat Up American Protesters In DC

Muh!  Free Speech!

Most of you have already seen the video below of the Turkish President’s body guards charging and brutally beating up Kurdish-American protesters that were speaking out against him.  You know, because that’s what they do in pretty much every other country except America.  Reportedly, these bodyguards now even have immunity, and the few arrested have allegedly already been released.


A new video has emerged now of Erdogan off to the side as this was all going on, just sitting in his car watching like a couple at the drive-in theater.  Some reporters even say they saw him order the attack by the guards from his vehicle.  This all goes back to how Americans truly take for granted the rights that we all have here thanks to the ones who have given their lives to make it all possible. In Turkey for instance, this happens all the time.