WATCH: One Saudi Cop Kills 2 ISIS Members Blitzing His Car

A Saudi cop was filmed this week taking down two ISIS fighters that blitzed his vehicle carrying semi auto AK-47’s.

What sounds to be like two very frightened women, filmed the action from their apartment window just above the scene.  The first terrorist (in beige colored clothing) besieges the front passenger door and gets in the car, the second terrorist, just seconds after follows behind him and crouches behind the open door firing on the police officer.

The brave Sudi policeman taking cover behind the front bumper of the car, rises up and fires on the first assailant who has moved to the driver side in what looks like an attempt to drive away, killing him with 2 shots to the midsection.  The officer then proceeds to open fire on the second ISIS member still cowering behind the passenger side door.

Th officer did this all, using only one, nine round magazine.  Take a look…