WATCH – Feinstein Literally Tells Protesters Trump Will Resign

After Meeting With Comey Feinstein Says Trump Will Resign

After a highly classified meeting with FBI Director, James Comey, Dianne Feinstein did a short downhill meting curbside with protesters. One protester told the senator that she “looked white as a ghost” after she after leaving he meeting with Comey, allegedly about Russia. When they asked Feinstein what Democrats plan to do to oust the president, she said that Trump will probably resign, so they may not have to do anything.

“Trump Will Get Himself Out.”

It’s hilarious and sad at the same time that these brainless foolish protesters, as well as some senate democrats, actually think that President Trump won’t finish a full term.  Personally I believe he will be there for 8 years, so suck it up buttercups.

The protesters asked if trump has committed impeachable offenses, when Feinstein refused to answer, protesters essentially told her that he has “committed many impeachable offenses.”

“Impeachable Offenses”