WATCH! Eric Clanton’s Lawyer TROLLED By Trump Supporters At Hearing Regarding The U-Lock Attack

The Attack

OAKLAND – Eric Clanton, 28, had his first court appearance Friday afternoon, regarding a gruesome attack on Sean Stiles that occurred on April 15th in Berkeley. Following a protest located at MLK park, video footage quickly circulated around the internet showing the assault which left Stiles’ with a concussion and a large gash in the top of his head.

With the help of the clear footage taken by Shuttershot45 on YouYoutube and images showing Clanton swinging a steel bike lock, the’weaponized autism’ on 4chan led to Clanton finally being arrested and taken into custody Wednesday afternoon.

Charges like Assault with a deadly weapon are among the lengthy list being brought against Clanton for the attack:

The Hearing

Clanton was brought in through the back door, riding inside of a blacked out transport bus, so his arrival was private. Visual of Clanton wasn’t obtained until once inside the courtroom. Clanton’s parents, brother and his lawyer however were all greeted by a large group of Trump supporters, who were awaiting them outside of the courthouse. Upon view of the crowd, the Clanton family retreated and stayed clear of the courthouse to await the actual hearing.

The time of the arraignment was postponed and changed from the original 9:00am pacific time to 2:00pm pacific, so the group of eager spectators remained outside of the courthouse until after the first round of arraignments and lunch break.  Some were seen waving ‘Kek’ flags at passing traffic and brandishing the common bright red ‘MAGA’ hats.

                    Rick Write from The Red Elephants, left, with various Trump supporters awaiting the hearing of Eric     Clanton

The Lawyer

Once inside the courthouse Dan Siegel, who is representing Clanton pro bono, took questions from the crowd.  The group was mostly comprised of people who spoke out against Clanton’s violent actions, and were curious to know why Siegel was defending Clanton free of charge.  Some even vocally berated Siegel, accusing him of being connected with the group Antifa, and paid by well-funded leftist resistance organizations.

Rick Write, a contributor for The Red Elephants, and member of Taking Back America HQ, led the charge of ‘trolling’ the lawyer.

Rick: “If he (Clanton) goes to jail, will this be the first time he moves out of his parent house?”

The question caused the crowd to erupt in laughter and join in on the fun.  Siegel even appeared to have to turn away, as if he were holding in his laughter as well. Siegel at one point in the video accused Trump supporters of waving the “KKK flag” outside of the courthouse before the hearing.  This of course was followed by more laughter, as the out-of-his-league lawyer clearly mistook the ‘Kekistan’ flag for a klan flag.  This only caused additional trolling.


During the hearing, Clanton plead ‘not guilty’ on all charges.  Siegel was able to decrease Clanton’s bail amount from $200,000 to $100,000, leaving Clanton, or really his father, to pay 10% of this amount to post bail.  Siegel stated publicly that Clanton will post bail next week.  In addition to this, Clanton was ordered by the judge to stay away from the victim, Sean Stiles. The next hearing is on June 14th at Wiley W Manuel courthouse.  The time of the hearing has not been confirmed as of yet.

Clanton’s father was seen leaving the courtroom, appearing angered, he tried his best to avoid any confrontation by Trump supporters.