WATCH! Bernie Sanders: “Trump Won Because People Are TIRED of Political Correctness.”

“I think he said some outrageous and painful things, but I think people are tired of the same old politically correct rhetoric.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders understands something that mainstream liberals do not: Donald Trump won the presidency in part because he channeled populist resentment toward political correctness into a winning issue.

“People are sick of the same old politically correct rhetoric.”

Bernie said this amongst many other things during an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes this week. Things, that  actually make sense for a change.  Bernie also talked about trade policies, some of the likes that he and Trump  align with.   Bernie also touched on the popular claim that Trump supporters are racist and sexist.

“I do not believe that, I believe people are in pain and people are scared, Trump touched on those things during his campaign.”

Hayes then challenged Sanders’ contention that political correctness has anything to do with trade policy. Instead, Hayes suggested that political correctness was more about not offending people for identity-based reasons.

“[Trump] was going after these consensus things but he was always saying things frankly that when we talk about political correctness are basically just rules about not being a jerk,” said Hayes. “He’s violating taboos that a lot of people think we should keep.”

But Sanders hit back. “He was talking about the media,” said Sanders. “Do people here think the media reflects the reality of American society?”

The audience, needless to say, was none too pleased with the media.

This video is definitely wort the watch: