WATCH – Antifa Out In Mass For G-20 – Beating Up Journalists

Where Are All The European Patriots?

I’m sitting here watching all the protests happening during the G-20 summit and simultaneously day dreaming about winning the lottery.  Not because I want to live above the noise but because I long for living deeper inside the noise and being a big piece to restoring nationalism to European countries.  Is Europe lost?  Not yet.  It can still be saved and a rise of nationalism is the cure.  Just look at Poland when Trump arrived vs Germany.

This brings me back to the whole winning the lottery thing.  If for some reason I had billions of dollars, I would be shipping thousands of patriots from America to places like this to stand against these anarcho-communist criminals.  For G-20 for instance, I would’ve personally paid for 2,000 of our very own patriots to have a cushy 2-day vacay in Hamburg Germany.  The mess would’ve been cleaned up in a few hours.

Here’s a few examples of what is going on.   Antifa and other anti capitalist groups have taken over, beating up benign journalists in their wake.  Any identitarian or man woman or child that has love for their country, is beaten up in the streets of Hamburg.  Nationalism must rise their and the effeminate males need to start overdosing on HGH asap.