WARNING GRAPHIC: Video Emerges Of Rojas Mowing Down People In Times Square


A new video has emerged of the moment when Richard Rojas drove onto the sidewalk in Times Square, New York City, and mowed down several civilians – killing one.  If you are faint of heart at all, do not watch this video.

The NYPD has confirmed that an 18-year-old girl was the only fatality in the horrific Times Square collision that saw 22 people – including the woman’s 13-year-old sister – injured.

The woman, identified by sources as Alyssa Elsman of Portage, Michigan, was walking through the heart of Midtown Manhattan with her sister when the incident occurred.

Rojas, a US military veteran who has a criminal history including two DWIs, had reportedly been smoking K2, the infamous synthetic marijuana, prior to the crash. It has been linked to psychotic episodes.

Of the 22 people hurt, the NYPD said that four people had been critically injured with open fractures and multiple traumas and three others were seriously injured – all were hospitalized. Some 15 more were not seriously injured and were not hospitalized.

The vehicle allegedly drove for almost two blocks on the sidewalk, plowing through pedestrians before going through the next block and then hitting the barricade as you saw in the video above.

Here is another shot of the Rojas’ vehicle before he crossed onto the next block where the vehicle came to an abrupt stop.

A sad scene as Elsman is covered in a white sheet by paramedics who arrived on the scene. Elsman was pronounced dead within a few minutes of the arrival of medical services.

It was first reported that Rojas was under the influence of alcohol, however this has now been denied by the NYPD as the department has claimed that he blew a 0.00 after being tested.  It is now being reported that Rojas was under the influence of a type of synthetic marijuana.  However, we will soon also know if this is true or false as most synthetic marijuana types stay in your system for an extended duration of time.

My opinion?  This looks intentional, no matter what he was doing beforehand. Rumors have swirled that he was attempting to create a scene where he can commit suicide by police.

Rojas is a military veteran with a large rap sheet of past offenses. Richard Rojas, 26, drove for three and a half blocks before crashing on a stanchion, police said.  His criminal record includes two DWIs already – reportedly one saw him driving at 99 mph in a 50 mph zone.

Not sure I buy the whole synthetic marijuana story.  Here are some facts about how long the drug stays in the average system:

Due to the significant variation in chemical composition of synthetic cannabinoids marketed as “Spice” or “K2,” it is unclear exactly how long they’ll stay in your system after complete discontinuation.  After stopping, you may notice that various side effects you experienced while using Spice or K2 linger and you may suspect that the drug is still in your system.  The truth is that although it is theoretically possible that the drug, or various chemicals, may remain in your body for awhile after stopping, they are unlikely to remain for an extended duration.

Richard Rojas, the driver of the vehicle, flees the scene before being tackled by authorities. He allegedly stated, “I wanted to kill them,” and admitted “I smoked marijuana” and “I laced (it) with PCP,” according to court documents.