Walmart is Selling Antifa Tee-Shirts

Capitalism to fight Capitalism?

Need your holiday dose of ‘bashing the fash?’ Wal-Mart may just have just the thing for you! Just in time for Christmas, their online store has some new ‘merch’ up that will match those combat boots while you’re smashing the windows of your local Bank of America.

It was discovered today that Wal-Mart is now selling a large variety of of Antifa shirts.  One of the them even has the slogan “Together Antifa.”

Walmart is one of the largest corporations, and essentially the epitome of capitalism.  It is a company likely looked at by anarcho-communists, like Antifa as the worst evil and for it to be selling shirts that are against capitalism for capital gain, is quite hilarious.

Not to mention selling merchandise that supports a group which has been deemed a domestic terror group in at least one of the fifty states, is probably not the best business plan.  They’re even selling the Antifa handbook!

Does Wal-Mart truly support a group that has been the cause of several million dollars of property damage and severe injuries?

The compilation below, showing clips of Antifa violence from the last 18 months from all over the world, including several attempted murders, may change their minds…