Vigilante Murders Child Sex Offender — Petition to Pardon Gains Thousands of Signatures

James P. Fairbanks was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of criminal homicide in the death of 64-year-old Mattieo Condoluci, who was found dead in his home. A petition addressed to President Donald J Trump, started by a man who goes by the name Christopher, has gained thousands of signatures asking for a presidential pardon for the vigilante.

Authorities claim Fairbanks wrote an email admitting responsibility for the slaying. The email sent to local news media outlets claims the author shot Condoluci after learning that he was listed on Nebraska’s sex offender registry.


Read the letter below

Mattieo Condoluci, convicted sex offender

A petition was quickly started after news broke of the incident, gaining thousands of signatures by individuals sympathetic with Fairbanks actions.

The petition can be read below: 

James Fairbanks freely admits to murdering a pedophile who was convicted of raping 2 children, and known to have molested more. For his crimes the rapist spent 2 years in jail, and went on to victimize more children.

We the people stand with James Fairbanks, and find his conduct reasonable. 2 years for child rapists is not justice. Having these people continue to victimize children in our society is not acceptable. 

We ask that this man be freed, and more measures be taken to protect our children from predators, to include life imprisonment for repeat offenses, and life long probation for any released.