The View From Europe: “America Is A Warzone”

Hello, Americans. Greetings from the Euro-Zone. Europe; where you can ignore borders, shoot police, slaughter the innocent and rape children and no-one questions your ideological motives.


BY: Ash Sharp

So Europe is pretty much lost at this point, we know. Don’t make a big deal out of it, we’re screwed. Now let’s talk about you. To us, the United States is truly baffling. We sit on our pavement cafes (right by the anti-truck barriers) and watch as your youth squabble over German collectivist ideologies.

Don’t get me wrong; we have our own far right and far left issues. Like you, the far left is much larger and much more dangerous. Unlike us, your left is violently insane.

When I was young and naive, I rolled with a group known as the Anti-Nazi League in the UK. The name should suggest the motivations of this collective. In those days there were still hardcore remnants of groups like Combat 18 around. Nazis were real.

We, on the other hand, were entirely leftist, mostly communist, and fairly well read on leftist literature. Marcuse, Marx, The Anarchist Cookbook, Kautsky, Bukharin- the reading list was huge. Naturally, for a bunch of teenage political dissidents, we were utterly rubbish at fighting. Combat 18 were not rubbish at fighting but were rubbish at reading.

We all grow up sometime. In theory.

The rise of the violent left in America has been fascinating to me for one key reason. The left has adopted the worst aspects of both the Anti-Nazi League and Combat 18; they do not read and cannot fight. Not being able to fight leads one to arm oneself in anticipation of a fight you cannot win alone. Not understanding the use of force leads one to overcompensate, and deliver deadly blows with bike locks, knives, guns.

Not understanding the ideology that you are promoting leads to claiming an Indian immigrant is a neo-nazi.

There are no bad targets, only bad tactics.

“They took advantage of Charlottesville to start screaming that this was a neo-Nazi, white supremacist rally when it’s so ridiculous. I’m a brown-skinned Indian immigrant, low-caste untouchable — I don’t know how many labels you want to put on me — who’s fought all his life.”

Those are the words of Shiva Ayyadurai; a man so dangerous that 15,000 people turned out in the street to throw piss at policemen.

Boston Strong, indeed. Actually, Boston intellectually weak is far more fitting.

Over a decade ago a British comedy posited that we live during the Rise of the Idiots. Learning isn’t cool. Stuff is cool.

“The idiots are self-regarding consumer slaves, oblivious to the paradox of their uniform individuality. They sculpt their hair to casual perfection. They wear their waistbands below their balls. They babble into handheld twit machines about that cool email of the woman being bummed by a wolf. Their cool friend made it. He’s an idiot too. Welcome to the age of stupidity. Hail The Rise of the Idiots.

When the idiots awake.

Prescient. Could anyone deny that we are living in the sequel? Dawn of the Planet of the Idiots, to be followed by War for the Planet of the Idiots, sometime before midterm elections.

Here’s my point. Stupid people doing stupid things because they think they are cool is not new. People who are useful idiots have been around for centuries. What is new is that we are on the verge of a mass movement of idiots under the thrall of ideologues.

Hey kids, do you want to justify terrorism?

The kids on the street wearing the black bandana for the first time have no idea who Assata Shakur is. The kids in the hall retweeting press releases claiming that America is a modern slave system are the useful idiots.

When intrepid folks armed with GoPro cameras and balls of steel ask questions, these LARPing fools cannot comprehend alternate views even exist without them being white supremacist in nature.

It is satisfying in the extreme to see masked heroes of SocJusTM take a nut shot from a smoke canister. Let’s face it, laughs are going to be in short supply if the Alt-Left continue to indoctrinate more kids with an idealistic heart and an inability to critically consume media.

Low information Antifa

Under normal circumstances, I am fundamentally opposed to the use of phrases like Low Information. The concept that people vote a particular way or adopt certain philosophies because they are poorly educated or have been hoodwinked strikes me as fundamentally arrogant.

In my homeland, this expresses itself as liberal elitism. The plebians who voted for Brexit are racist, they were lied to and are too dumb to see it, they vote against their own interests. These ideas serve to illustrate why the Globalists lose at the ballot box. People will not stand for being talked down to for long.

The American experience is marginally different. You are a fascist if you are not a leftist, or disagree with the Marxist doctrine of Black Lives Matter, or voted Republican. This is elitism. You dear reader, are too dumb to recognise how the system oppresses everyone apart from white men. You are talked down to- by kids, Alt-Left radicals, and professors and teachers who violently enforce their ideas with weapons. By any stretch of the imagination, this is the definition of low information. This is societal suicide.

Why? Because believing in freedom of speech is now fascist. Judging someone on the quality of their character and not their skin colour is fascist. Rejecting socialist economics is fascist. Democracy is fascist. Words spoken by people who have no idea what fascism is.

 Antifa are historically illiterate.

My future wife is Polish. We have stood together in subzero degree temperatures in the centre of Auschwitz-Birkenau. The skeletal fingers of chimney stacks, the only remnants of the wooden cabins that were torched to hide the evidence of Nazi crimes. Real Nazis, not people with fashy haircuts.

Conservatives are not Nazis, no matter how hard the left screams that we are. Throughout modern history, it has been the conservative who has stood up against totalitarianism, while the liberal acquiesced. Bargained. Appeased.

Let’s not let anyone tell us differently.