Video Shows Poll Workers Continuing to Count Ballots After Counting Was Announced Finished at State Farm Arena

Video footage from Georgia shows election workers, after telling observers and the rest of the workers to leave, stay behind to continue counting ballots in private without observation.

Republican poll-watchers were told that ballot counting finished at 10:25 — and at midnight, workers pulled out suitcases filled with ballots and continued to count them. 

National and local news outlets all reported that all ballot counting stopped at the State Farm arena at 10:30pm.  Officials stated that election workers would be back in the morning to count the rest of the ballots.

Just a short while after election official told the rest of the workers and observers to go home, just a few workers continued to count what is estimated to be tens of thousands of ballots without observation.

This, along with the thousands of sworn testimony and hours of incontrovertible video evidence has proven without a doubt that the 2020 presidential election was poisoned by fraud, rigging and lies.

In a previous report we had shown video testimony of a contract truck driver who claimed to have driven a large truck from NY to PA, carrying thousands of already filled out ballots. 

President Donald J Trump took to Facebook with a 45 minute breakdown of every instance of fraud during the 2020 presidential election.

To say this was a clean election is to say you are incapable of accurately discerning the facts, and therefor, you shouldn’t have been voting in the first place. Though, after recent revelations, you just may have voted without even knowing it.