VIDEO: Fears of Illegitimate Election Bolstered by Ballots Found Under Rocks, Dead Men Voting, Poll Workers Lacking Transparency, etc…

Videos have broke on social media showing US election poll workers, vote collection and counters all acting as though they are committing crime. These videos might suggest nefarious forces rigging the US presidential election.

If you were wondering, yes, like all other elections, the dead are still voting, because that’s what democracy is all about!


Video and photographic evidence of illegal election practices continue to flood social media, adding to the pile of mounting evidence suggesting an illegitimate election.


Whistleblowers have reported that conservative counties were given sharpie markers to write in their ballot. It is claimed that the sharpie marker is widely known to void ballots, as run off from the marker confuses the voting counter machines.

My wife just sent this video of Detroit election workers cheering every time an attorney is removed from the TCF Center, where absentee ballot counting is happening. She says they do this every time they eject a GOP poll watcher & that Dem watchers outnumber GOP 3:1.

Amazingly, ballots have shown up in some of the strangest places. Somehow, ballots just keep appearing, as though they are just growing out of the ground, ripe and ready to be counted.