Van Jones Just Said “Trump Just Hit A 3 Pointer, Most Extraordinary Moment In American Politics.”

The Day Van Jones Fell In Love With Donald Trump

Am I living in bizarro world here?  Did someone slip psilocybin into my protein drink earlier? Am I going mad? Van Jones, CNN analyst, known best recently for his starck criticism just went on for almost 30 minutes about how great Donald Trump was, and it brought me to two possible conclusions.  Either CNN executives told their analysts to start reporting real news so that their ratings stop falling like a dead dog off a roof, or Van Jones just fell in love with Donald Trump tonight.

“Trump just became President of the United States today,” Jones said.  ”

Post Speech Polls by CNN

Just before these remarks by Jones, the CNN pollsters revealed post speech ratings following Donald Trump’s address.  This must’ve made old Wolfy Blitzkrieg triggered, because he was constantly asking the analyst “who did better Trump or Obama.?”  The analyst responded with “just about in the same range.”  Wolf appeared to have an angry look on his face.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.31.19 PM

The poll analyst then proceeded to trigger the entire CNN staff and possibly all of the occupants of the studio. He revealed the poll asking viewers of the speech if they felt that based on this address, is the country moving in the right direction or the wrong direction?  69% of  participants showed up for the ‘right direction.’

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.31.48 PM