Undercover Trump Supporter Reads Hitler Quotes – LIBERALS CHEER!

Funny Subversive Protest Is Why The Right Won

As we have seen, the right has been divided regarding the protest that took place when Jack Posobiec and Laura Loomer stormed the stage during the rendition of Julius Caesar.  Many on the right were critical of Posobiec for calling the crowd ‘Nazis’ during the protest of the play because we have seen the left endlessly label conservatives the same with little to no effect, ultimately still losing the election.

Even though I am ok with storming the stage, I would’ve preferred that they do it in a funnier way.  Maybe wear a pepe costume, walk on stage and say nothing.  Regardless of who was in the right or in the wrong here, we all know the left can’t meme.  The right has won the culture war in this department by winning meme wars, 4chan trolling, social media trolling and now real life trolling.  Whether you like it or not, this is who we are.  We are subversive, we are smarter and we are funnier.

One man definitely gets it.  An unknown meme magician attended one of the impeachment marches and infiltrated their speaker tickets.  He hilariously stood at the podium and read several pretty popular Hitler quotes.  After he consecutively read through them, the mindless and historically vapid liberal crowd cheered loudly upon his finish.  This is how we need to ‘protest.’

ANTIFA Loves Hitler

ANTIFA caught on camera applauding Hitler

Posted by Mike Cernovich on Wednesday, July 5, 2017