WATCH: UK Labor MP Calls For Donald Trump’s Arrest For Retweeting This Video

Trump’s Trolling Goes International

In case you missed it, Donald Trump retweeted a series of tweest by the head of the group called Britain First.  The tweets showed videos of Muslims acting out their 6th century ideology in ways like throwing a boy from the top of a building, beating up a disabled Dutch boy and a Muslim man destroying a statue of Mother Mary.

Following this series of retweets, Jayda Fransen, a ‘Britain First’ leader thanks the President for retweeting her.

From my humble perspective, it seems as if the entire land mass of the UK is ‘cucked’ beyond repair. To put it in Brit speak, it seems as if the entire country is ‘collywobbled’ and ‘barmy’ over this ‘bollocks.’  I can just imagine them throwing their tea and crumpets at the wall, beating their collective dogs and then screaming helplessly at the sky.

The UK Labor MP is now even calling for the immediate arrest of Donald Trump for ‘meddling in UK politics.’  He is calling for his arrest upon arrival of Trump’s upcoming planned visit there.

Sorry cucks, we don’t arrest people for social media posts around here, we know you do but we ‘yanks’ don’t do it that way.  Your historical ‘cuckiness’ is what got your arses kicked in the war.

Here’s the video of the Labor MP calling for Trump’s arrest…