Uber Driver KICKS OUT Tourists For Wearing “Don’t Tread On Me” Hat And Being “Racists”

Racists In My Cereal

Washington DC – A group of out-of-town guests were kicked to the curb Friday by an Uber driver who apparently was a bit triggered by the apparel one of her customers was wearing. Prominent twitter personality, Baked Alaska (Tim ‘Treadstone’ Gionet), YouTube personality James Allsup, and twitter user ‘Millenial Matt’ were all left wondering what just happened as they were ditched on the side of the road, in a foreign city with traffic speeding by and suitcases strewn on the pavement.

Gionet told The Red Elephants that they entered the Uber car and immediately tried to break the ice by starting casual conversation with the driver.  First asking her if she knew of the anime convention that was in town for the weekend with no response from the driver at all. Matt also asked a few questions with also no response. “We thought at first that she might be foreign and maybe didn’t speak English,”  Matt told us. Gionet also says that once she saw his Gadsden hat with the rattlesnake ideogram, she gave him an angry look and kept silent for the entire ride.

But That Building IS Ugly

It wasn’t then that they were left in the dust by the angry driver though.

Driving past the Washington monument, Matt spotted a building placed almost directly in front of the famous structure.  A peculiar looking construction with rust colored architecture, large enough to block most of the vista of the Washington monument from the road.  Matt, again trying to get the driver to lighten up, asked the drive about what he was seeing. “What is that building?  “That building is ugly.”

Almost immediately the driver jerked the vehicle to the side of the road, exited and began to throw all of the occupants’ luggage out onto the sidewalk, calling the group ‘racist’ with almost every bag she threw.  Gionet who was sleeping in the back at this point awoke from his daze, confused as to why the driver was ordering the group to get out.  The driver sped off at around 85 mph according to Gionet, wearing no seatbelt.

That unmarked building building he called ugly was apparently the African American history museum.

Ok, any reasonable human being knowing that they just picked up someone from the airport could gather that this group was from out of town. Common sense, which this driver lacked, would normally make someone aware that not even people from surrounding states would know what the building was, let alone a group from California. But then again, a good percentage of this country thinks communism is a good idea.

I digress.  Here is the building Matt was asking about:

The Building Just An Excuse To Discriminate?

Even though the ‘last straw’ for this driver was when Matt called a building he wasn’t familiar with “ugly,” Gionet believes that it was when she saw his hat that she gave a snide look and decided she was going to treat her customers disrespectfully giving them the silent treatment.

Imagine if they were all wearing red MAGA hats, she may have never opened the door for them at all.