U.S. Marine Corps Attack Random Conservatives on Twitter — Progressive Liberalism has Defeated the U.S. Military

The U.S. Marine Corps took to their official Twitter page to attack the political talk show host Tucker Carlson, and then sent a barrage of unnecessary and divisive tweets attacking random conservatives.

From Revolver News: 

The clash between Carlson and the DoD began on Monday. In remarks delivered for the Communist holiday of International Women’s Day, Biden boasted of how he and President Obama had worked to make the military a fully gender-neutral body:

“I’m incredibly proud that in 2015, under the Obama-Biden administration, we took the final steps to open up all positions in the military to anyone qualified to serve in them. The women who join today’s military aren’t told “no” when they apply to fly fighter jets or attack helicopters just because of their gender. They aren’t told “no” when they want to apply to Ranger School or infantry officer basic training. [White House]”

Biden bragged that it is easier than ever for pregnant women, and women who care about their appearance, to serve in the armed forces.

“We’re making good progress designing body armor that fits women properly; tailoring combat uniforms for women; creating maternity flight suits; updating — updating requirements for their hairstyles.”

And Biden said, overtly, that his administration would be fighting to change the military to make it more feminine, a place where a woman trying to become a general is as easy to understand as a woman becoming a teacher or a nurse.

“And some of it is going to take — and — you know, an intensity of purpose and mission to really change the culture and habits that cause women to leave the military: That women are — making sure more diverse candidates are considering — being considered for career-advancing opportunities at every single level. That women aren’t penalized in their careers for having children. That women aren’t just token members, but integral parts throughout all branches and all divisions.”

In response, on Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson said what any American would have said 50 years ago, and what every reasonable person still believes now: That making the military more feminine makes it weaker, not stronger, and that carving out new rules so that pregnant women can serve (while keeping their hairstyles and painted nails to boot) is grotesque.

Nothing Carlson said is insane, or even particularly notable. What’s notable is the shrill, borderline ridiculous response from the once-apolitical Defense establishment.

Scott H. Stalker, United States Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sergeant, also recently responded to Tucker Carlson in a video that went viral on twitter.

“Tucker Carlson’s opinion which he has a right to, is based off of zero years in the armed forces.  My opinion is based off of 28 years in the marines.”

The Red Elephants has reached out to Sergeant Stalker to ask what his over/under prediction is on the success of the invasion of Normandy with a 100% female military.

Stalker did not respond in time for publication of this story.

We also sent him this video depicting General Robert Barrow who served in the military for twice as long as Sergeant Stalker, and his thoughts on women being in the military in general.

Not only is the U.S. Marine Corps using their presence online to push progressive social agendas, but they continue to bicker with conservatives when challenged on their positions.

When the U.S. Marine Corps isn’t arguing with those who may disagree with the narrative of COVID-19, they are “Cheesin'” because its national dog day.

Is the U.S. Marine Corps account being run by a teenaged girl?

Long story short, the world is laughing at the United States of America. We have spent the last 70 years causing trouble all over the world, and the only thing keeping our enemies from getting fed up with our bullcrap is the fact that our military is more powerful than theirs. That is coming to an end, and it should concern every living American today.