U.S. Homeless Count CANCELLED Due to COVID as Biden White House Deletes President Trump’s Comprehensive Study on the ‘State of Homelessness in America’

Democrats have long ridiculed the poor, rural conservative, oftentimes taking sick pleasure in the misfortune of their political counterparts. But rarely, if ever, do we see a conservative take pleasure in the sight of favela style shantytowns erected all throughout America’s great cities. In fact, President Donald J Trump addressed this issue head-on by combatting immigration and foreign labor. 

U.S. cities which are universally ruled by Democrat politicians, who’s policies on immigration and big business drive their own voters out of their homes and into the streets, have some of the largest and most depressing populations of homeless in the country. 

While looking into the facts surrounding the growing homelessness rate in the US, it isn’t hard to find that every major Democrat city tops the list in homelessness rates.


President Donald Trump took care to see that these issues were looked into thoroughly, and that federal resources were directed accordingly in order to find the answers to one of America’s most shameless problems.

President Donald Trump continued to dwell on the homelessness problem in America’s big cities this week, saying the situations in Los Angeles and San Francisco are “terrible” and that people are living in “our best highways, our best streets, our best entrances to buildings…where people in those buildings pay tremendous taxes.” –USNEWS

In a report published by USNEWS addressing U.S. cities with the largest homeless populations, the “annual report” referenced links to the official White House website, where the Donald Trump Presidency addressed the issue.

Unfortunately, it would appear that the issue of homelessness addressed by the Donald Trump White House has been given the back-seat treatment, and the information collected can no longer be accessed.

It is no surprise the Biden White House would scrub every remnant of Trump’s presidency from the face of the earth. As we have seen, many of the issues Donald Trump addressed head-on were issues created largely by Democrat controlled cities, and in addressing them, Trump demonstrated that he was truly a president for all of America, and not just his own voters.

You can read the deleted report here: https://www.nhipdata.org/local/upload/file/The-State-of-Homelessness-in-America.pdf

Luckily for the Biden administration, the annual count of the homeless population in the U.S. will be delayed, if not completely cancelled due to the fear of “COVID”.

If there are reports of “record low homeless rates” in the U.S. over the coming months, we will know that this will largely be due to the fact that they decided to just stop counting.