No Shirt, No Shoes, No Gay Wedding Cake Against Your Will

Amicus Brief Filed by Department of Justice on Behalf of Jack Phillips

Wow, masterpiece cakes. Note the artistry, the technique. Oh, wedding cakes? How fun.. No custom orders at this time? I wonder why?

Because of Craig and Mullins. American Citizens and Noble Entrants to the Hall of First Amendment Heroes.

Back when Gay Marriage was illegal in Colorado, these two men asked for a Gay wedding cake for the reception celebrating the wedding they were going to have in Massachusetts. The Owner of the Cake shop refused to make a wedding cake, but offered any other type of decorative cake, or suggested they find an artist who was comfortable with such a cake offer.  Phillips closes his store on Sunday and he takes his Christian faith seriously enough to contemplate the God given message entrenched in a wedding cake.

But most importantly, he didn’t want to do it.

What the State of Colorado Civil Rights Board did was send him a letter notifying him that he had to do it and even crazier, engage with “comprehensive staff training” and Quarterly Compliance Reports to the State for the NEXT TWO YEARS.

So he did what any red blooded American should do, he fought it, and it’s going to the Supreme Court this fall, case 16-111. The Department of Justice has filed an Amicus Brief in this case, and it’s huge.

Two Supreme Court Cases are cited heavily. Most importantly, Hurley vs. Irish American Gay Lesbian and Bisexual Group of Boston.

In this case, a Parade was organized and the Irish LGwhatever crew wanted to be included, and were refused, so they sued for the right to have their message included in a place it was not wanted. The Supreme Court(which at the time included liberal darlings Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsberg) voted UNANIMOUSLY that this was not allowed. That is, you, in America, are not REQUIRED TO ENGAGE IN FORCED SPEECH YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH.

The Other case is Boy Scouts of Am. v. Dale, you know, where the Scouts banned gay scoutmasters. Frankly the biggest problem with the entire gay boy scout legal fight is that it hinges around an adult asking a young boy “Hey are you gay?”which is not camping discussion because there is not a “how to be gay” merit badge(unless you count Knot Tying).


Then there’s This, The Nashville Statement. Signed by just about every religious theological heavyweight in America including Matt Chandler and even N.T. Wright has come out in support of it(think of them as the theological equivalent of Floyd Mayweather and Conor MacGregor, one’s American, ones from, like, over there)

If you haven’t read it, here’s a baseball analogy:

When you become Christian, it’s like saying you want to play baseball, that said,and we all have roles to play at certain positions. The bat is for batting, the mitt is for catching.  The first base glove is larger, the pitcher has a tiny glove. Now, obviously in the great baseball game being there at inning nine is getting into heaven, and showing up to the game(faith in Christ) is what matters. But if your goal is to hit a home run, you are going to have a lot easier time with a bat, so if you show up with a tennis racquet because you identify as a tennis player, you aren’t barred from playing, but when that ball comes screaming across the plate at 90 miles per hour, you are going to have a really tough time making contact. The game is meant to be played with certain equipment at certain positions, and those are meant for those positions at those times. If you are married, you can use certain equipment, if you aren’t married, you can’t. Don’t try and catch a ball with a bat(bad idea) and don’t try and bunt with a mitt(also bad).

This is apparently hate speech. called it “Evangelicals Bigotry Filled Nashville Statement” ignoring that some of the people who signed it at least previously be identified as LGBT.

To go even deeper, N.T. Wright has described the transgender philosophy in similarity to Gnosticism, in that the notion of separation of physical and spiritual has been extended to totality, and that there is a secret path to identity.


Up a mile high in the air, we see a case that unbeknownst to liberals, could decide if they can choose not rent air-b-n-b rooms to Nazis, or otherwise not give artistic services to groups they disagree with.

Not to be outdone, the liberal side of Christendom has issued a “Denver Statement” but we can only hope that the only statement that sticks from Denver is the Department of Justice stepping in and saving Jack Phillips from “Civil Rights” Re-Education Staff Training and ‘Compliance Reports’ which should scare anyone anywhere.