Twitter Now Stopping Users From “Liking” President Trump’s Tweet — Forcing Users to Read False Election Information

Twitter has stepped up it’s war against President Donald J Trump by forcing users to re-read falsified election info before allowing users to like the presidents tweets. 

Now, when liking one of the tweets Twitter deems “inaccurate”, you are met with a caution box saying “this claim about election fraud is disputed — Help keep Twitter a place for reliable info. Find out more before liking.”

If you click on the “Find our more” tab, you are sent to a page soon Twitter filled with biased, liberal news sources. 

This is just another shot fired in Big Tech’s long battle against President Trump and the America people. This is yet another example of thought censorship, where you are not allowed to formulate your own opinions, without first being subjugated by left-wing propagandists.

Plainly, this is a demoralization tactic, designed to force Trump supporters to accept concession, even before any formal concession has been made by the president.