Why Twitter CEO Wasn’t Invited To Big League Trump Meeting

UPDATE:  Trump Names Elon Musk To Economic Advisory Team

Trump sat down with some the top execs from silicon valley for a tech summit reportedly mostly about jobs and innovation.  This coming a day after IBM announces that they are going to be creating 25,000 new jobs.  With the exception of Peter Tiel, CEO of PayPal, most of the attendees were outspoken about their opposition of Donald Trump. However, after meeting with Trump Bill Gates today said the Trump reminded him of JFK and that Trump wants to focus on innovation and economic creation.

The CEOs that were present at the tech summit at Trump tower had a combined market value of more than $3 trillion.

  • Apple — $616 billion
  • Alphabet — $555 billion
  • Microsoft — $489 billion
  • Amazon — $366 billion
  • Facebook — $347 billion
  • Intel — $173 billion
  • Oracle — $167 billion
  • IBM — $160 billion
  • Cisco — $154 billion
  • Tesla — $32 billion
  • SpaceX — $15 billion
  • Total — $3.074 trillion

One BIG tech CEO was missing: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.  His absence to this meeting puzzles the media. Twitter’s Trump’s heavy dependence on the Twitter platform makes it even more strange. With approximately 17.3 million followers on his account, the President-elect has made Twitter into his main press channel of his transition.

We now know why Mr Dorsey was bumped: according to Politico, Twitter was told it was “nixed” from Wednesday’s meeting in retribution for refusing during the campaign to allow an emoji version of the hashtag #CrookedHillary, according to a source close to the situation.

Strange?  Yes.  But understandable.  Even though Trump has been inviting people to talk policy to his Tower in New York that have openly opposed him even publicly, he bounced Twitter from the summit.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO
Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO

According to the source, RNC spokesman Sean Spicer, who is an adviser to the Trump transition, made the actual call to refuse an invitation to Dorsey or other Twitter executives to the meeting, which was organized by Silicon Valley investor and Facebook board member Peter Thiel, who has been an adviser to Trump. The Trump-Pence transition team also did not respond to a request for comment.

The incident at issue was detailed in a Medium post last month by Gary Coby, director of digital advertising and fundraising for the Trump campaign. According to Coby, Dorsey personally intervened to block the Trump operation from deploying — as part of a $5 million deal between the social media company and the campaign — an emoji showing, in various renderings, small bags of money being given away or stolen. That emoji would have been offered to users as a replacement for the hashtag #CrookedHillary, a preferred Trump insult for his Democratic opponent.