Twitter Censors Donald Trump Tweet Calling Out Censorship – It’s Time to Address Censorship of Conservatives on Social Media

After Donald Trump had shared a tweet addressing censorship from an America First brand account, Twitter seems to have censored the tweet. America First conservatives led by Nicholas J Fuentes have been suffering the brunt of social media censorship.

The original tweet said: America First refuses to be unplugged and tech censorship must be addressed.

Two hours after Donald Trump had shared the tweet accusing social media companies of participating in an illegal situation, the tweet was censored.


Below is a video showing the real time censoring of the tweet.

Censorship in America has reached levels most Americans only 5 years ago wouldn’t believe. The internet was once a bastion of freedom, where now it is only a temporary luxury that can be stripped from you if you do not hold an orthodox worldview, a worldview only acceptable to the progressives who control social media.

Censorship must be addressed to ensure freedom on the internet for all Americans now and forever.