Tucker Carlson Stands Strong Against the ADL’s Attempt to Cancel Him

Groups like the Anti Defamation League are a cancer on American politics.

An anti-white hate group, the ADL has unabashedly pursued policies that benefit ethnic interests (Jewish interests to be clear) since its founding in 1913. One of the most egregious forms of hate activity the ADL has been involved in is its constant witch hunts against whites who dare to speak for the interests of legacy Americans.

The ADL has taken its kvetching to a whole new level after Tucker Carlson started talking about the Great Replacement aka the soft genocide of white Americans via mass migration last week. Instead of yielding to the mob, Carlson stood ten toes down and defended his position regarding mass migration and its effect in diluting the white population and its political interests.

Anyone in the nationalist scene knows that US immigration policy favors the Democratic Party politically. Their reliable voting behavior makes Democrats natural boosters for continued immigration. More broadly, when compounded with the declining birth rates of whites, mass migration turns into an undeniable question of population replacement.

One can see this most blatantly in the case of California. When president Ronald Reagan passed amnesty in 1986, little did many Republican pundits know that this fateful decision would turn the Golden State — a state that Republicans could pick up without a problem — into a Democrat Party ghetto. And it’s all because of the demographics.

Let’s look at some numbers from Pew Research. In a Pew report entitledThe Changing Racial and Ethnic Composition of the U.S. Electorate”, we can see how much America’s racial demographics have changed in the past 20 years. California’s numbers were revealing.

In 2000, there were 60% eligible white voters in California but that number fell to 45% eligible white voters. Any surprise why Democrats routinely thrash Republicans in the state? In 2020, Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump 63% to 34%.

This was a state that elected Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon, and nowadays, Republicans struggle to get congressional seats, save for a handful of seats in the interior of the state. The California transformation has given Democrats a viable blueprint for electoral conquest via demographic replacement, which is why they’ve doubled down on pushing for amnesty. It’s their best bet in achieving a one-party state.

Since white Americans won’t co-sign their crazy policies, the Left has to Elect a New People. Tucker is one of the few commentators to understand this. He correctly took Reagan to task for turning the once American paradise of California into a nasty Tower of Babel that most legacy Americans would prefer to flee from.

Most importantly, Tucker stood his ground against the ADL after it called Fox News to can Tucker. On his show, Tucker took his criticism of ADL to the next level by reading a post the ADL previously made regarding demographic replacement in Israel. Hilariously, the ADL’s statement took an explicitly ethnonationalist line regarding immigration to Israel:

It is unrealistic and unacceptable to expect the state of Israel to voluntarily subvert its own sovereign existence and nationalist identity and become a vulnerable minority within what was once its own territory.

Tucker responded:

Why would any democratic nation make its own citizens less powerful? Isn’t that the deepest betrayal of all? In the words of the ADL, why would a government subvert its own sovereign existence? Good question. Maybe ADL President Jonathan Greenblatt will join us sometime to explain, and tell us whether that same principle applies to the United States.

Fox News has not fired Tucker so far.

Tucker has remained a force of truth on immigration. It cannot be stressed enough. The next mega amnesty will be the deathblow against the Historic American Nation. Yes, that means our precious freedoms, which our predecessors bled and died for, will all go down the tubes.

Tucker gets it. Will Republican leaders grow a set and start passing legislation that stops immigration altogether?

If the GOP wants to politically survive, they need to acknowledge the impact of demographic replacement and follow through with legislation that shuts down the migration pipeline.