The TRUTH About “The White Helmets”

What Motive Would Assad Have For Gassing The Syrian People?

Consider this interview by NBC with Bashar Al-Assad.  In the full interview Assad continually talks about his tactics to fight terrorism, he stresses that its important that people of all faiths and sects live peacefully in Syria. Most importantly, during the interview, Assad repetitively mentions his fight against ISIS and affiliates.

Assad and the Syrian army have been fighting the war against ISIS in Syria in partnership with the Russian and Kurdish KP forces for years.  It is widely known that Assad and the Syrian forces have been fighting ISIS essentially by themselves in Syria, with little help from US forces.  Assad also mentions in the full interview in the link above that his only interest is what the Syrian people think of him, if they want him to go, he will leave power immediately.

So why would Assad launch a chemical attack on the people that keep him in power?  This still make little sense to anyone that uses common sense.  Who would benefit from Assad leaving power? The Islamic State and terrorist affiliates would. And only them.  Assad has pushed ISIS out of areas that they have controlled and looked all but lost.

In December of 2016, the Syrian regime took full control of Aleppo, marking a major turning point in the country’s five-year civil war. Government forces and their allies now control eastern Aleppo, this ended more than four years of rebel rule there.

So I ask again, why would Assad, who is pushing terrorists out of Syria and singlehandedly regained control of eastern Aleppo, gas his own people? Surely he knows something like this would inevitably cause an expedited regime change against him, which would result is ISIS regaining control of all of Syria.  Seems counter productive to the several years of fighting terrorism for Assad and allies no?

Here is a short clip from the full interview in the link above, of NBC asking Assad if he used chemical weapons against his own people in 2013.  This is the same instance where Obama said he crossed his “red line.”  Assad interestingly responds with what anyone using common sense would figure: “There is no logic in that.”

Proof Of Chemical Attack?

Is Assad right?  Is there no proof of his use of chemical weapons in 2013 or last week?  The Daily Caller published an article that was titled “The White House Lays Out Evidence That Syria Was Behind Deadly Chemical Attack.” But the ‘evidence’ mentioned in the article literally says the White House refers to ‘social media posts,’ as a piece of evidence.  Really?  Sounds a lot like that ‘YouTube video’ Hillary Clinton blamed for the Benghazi attack.

The official statement reads as follows:

“The official said intelligence gathered from social media accounts, open source videos, reporting, imagery, and geospatial intelligence showed that the chemical attack was a regime attack.”

Am I the only one the recalls talks of WMD’s and Youtube videos when hearing things like this?

Assad finally has chimed in on the recent attack today.  He said exactly what he said after the alleged chemical attacks in 2013. “This was Al Qaeda.”  He also said exactly what everyone with half a brain knows, that the White Helmets are associated with ISIS and Al Qaeda.

The White Helmets – An Al Quaeda Sleeper Cell

If you’ve seen the famous Netflix documentary called “The White Helmets,” you already know who we’re talking about here.  You probably watched in horror while also feeling grateful that you live in America.  You most likely also watched with wide, sad eyes as they pulled the ‘miracle baby’ from the rubble…

Well, what if I told you that this group, with their twitter and website full of propaganda, are literally an Al Qaeda and Islamic state cell whose whole position, is staging photo and video ops to coerce foreign governments to intervene and remove secular leaders like Assad, so that they can move in an retake Aleppo and Syria altogether.  Just like they did in all of the other countries that have been destabilized and then left wide open which led to the rise of ISIS in the first place.

In 2013, the classified briefings left officials with more questions than answers.  They presented ‘evidence,’ just like they did with the 2017 attack and none of this evidence was clear, concise or indisputable, that the Syrian air force launched the chemical attack.

Furthermore, ‘The White Helmets’ are openly allowed into terrorist-controlled areas. Whereas, real rescuers, such as the Syrian Red Crescent (i.e. Syrian Red Cross), are never allowed into terrorist controlled areas. Ambulances and other aid workers are never allowed into terrorist-controlled areas either. Humanitarian aid, even medicines and food trucks are fired upon, and also never allowed in.

But the White Helmets were there, immediately on the scene.

Proof Of Staged Videos

Here is a video, showing ‘The White Helmets’ staging a photo/video op for war propaganda.  Again, in attempts to get the US to intervene and attack Syria. For instance an airfield that’s used to fight Al Qaeda and ISIS on the regular, so that they can regroup and gain a second wind to continue to fight and retake control of Syria.

And as for proof of our allegation that ‘The White Helmets’ are in coordination with terrorists? Well here are several video clips of ‘The White Helmets’ literally with ISIS, armed to the teeth, standing next to them chanting with the Islamic State members.

What about all the victims you see in the footage that your favorite propaganda machine played recently? The children you see ‘The White Helmets’ as ‘saving,’ are mostly victims of kidnapping by the Islamic state. This video shows ‘The White Helmets’ also arriving on scene directly after an ISIS execution. It shows them right by the executioner’s side, waiting for them to execute the man in the video.  The video below also shows clear proof that the US Government funded ‘The White Helmets’ with millions upon millions of dollars, even though ‘The White Helmets’ website says that they accept no money from governments.

Evidence Shows It Wasn’t Sarin Gas

If you’re a twitter lover and into politics, you probably follow or have come across tweets from Dr Shajul Islam.  Dr Shajul was in the media recently because of a famous tweet about chemical attacks that came one full day before the alleged chemical attacks even happened in Syria. You can see that tweet here.

Shajul is also known for his consistent tweeting about all the victims he gets into his hospital, showing videos of him looking into the eyes of the people in hospital beds with a pen light, claiming that the pupil dilation is clear proof that Sarin gas is being used on the Syrian people by Assad.  And just to be clear, he has tweeted several videos saying sarin gas was used well before the most recent attack.

The biggest problem with the allegation of sarin gas being used, is that ‘The White Helmets’ were again the very first on the scene, handling, touching and spraying down victims with no gloves on.  Anyone that knows anything about sarin gas, are aware that any direct contact with sarin gas by first responders like this, including touch, smell, inhalation, etc, would result in immediate exposure and death.  Some scientists and other experts say that it was most likely phosgene gas or chlorine gas.  Either one of these, anyone can make, at home, with easily attainable household products. (references below)

To go from the day of the attack, to 48 hours later with no investigation, nor proof (even to this day) – to launching a full scale attack on an airfield that has been used by Russia and Assad to push ISIS out of Aleppo and protect a nearby Christian town, is absurd to say the least.

I believe that Trump has people around him that want to sabotage his presidency.  Globalists that are foaming at the mouth for war with Russia.  When you have people like Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, John McCain and Lindsey Graham all praising you for the strike, you know you screwed up. I believe Donald Trump realizes this now.  This is why he pushed back against the globalists recently, and stated in an interview with Maria Bartiromo that “the policy is the same, we will not go into Syria.

 “We Have Plans To Destabalize 7 Countries In 5 Years.”

Don’t believe me that the globalists want to topple the Assad regime along with destabilize the governments of six other countries? Well how about hearing it from an actual military general / former presidential nominee?  Here is a video of General Wesley Clark confirming the aforementioned conclusion.

(1) From the CDC’s website:
Liquid sarin may cause death within 1 to 10 minutes. Inhaled sarin produces health effects within seconds to minutes; larger exposures may cause death within 1 to 10 minutes. Skin exposure: may produce health effects within minutes.

EYE EXPOSURE: Pain in and around the eye, dim and/or blurred vision, sensation of pressure with heaviness, and nausea and vomiting.
INGESTION EXPOSURE (swallowing or absorbing it): vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain.
INHALATION EXPOSURE: Contracted or pinpoint pupils, bronchial constriction, fluid accumulation within the airways of the lungs. There can be loss of consciousness; seizures; muscular twitching; floppy paralysis; increased fluid accumulation within the digestive tract, resulting in secretions, sometimes profuse blood, from the nose and mouth; cessation of breathing; and death.
SKIN EXPOSURE: Profuse sweating and muscular twitching, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Health effects may appear quickly; 2 to 30 minutes post-exposure. In addition to the above, there can be loss of consciousness, seizures, floppy paralysis, increased fluid accumulation within the airways and within the digestive tract resulting in secretions from the nose and mouth, cessation of breathing, and death.

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