The TRUTH About The Proud boys

Who Are The Proud boys?

LONG BEACH, CA – With headlines recently surfacing like “alt-right fight club ready for street violence,” “Breakfast cereal bigots” and stories about a “white power-y alt-right goon squad,” we decided to perform our journalistic duties and head to one of the ‘meet-ups’ to find out exactly who The Proud Boys are.

After seeing a segment on CNN regarding the Proud Boys the morning of the gathering, we wanted to make a specific emphasis on investigating exactly what type of people are in the group, their demographics and their belief system.  Here is what pundits on CNN think about the organization:

First of all, I believe this man is actually talking about patriot groups like AWR, Oath Keepers and the Three Percenters, but hey, who ever said you should do your research before going on television for a national news outlet?

Secondly, the absence of mention to the now six murderers, who supporter Bernie Sanders, some of which actually working for his campaign, is expected of the biased, slowly dying CNN.  They also failed to mention the Antifa organization of which multiple members are being accused of attempted murder, stabbings, rioting, luting and assault. Of course, most Antifa members who we have polled, also in fact supported Bernie Sanders.  Then of course the countless main stream hollywood stars who either cut the head off of a Donald Trump doll or perform a play in New York City that depicts the assassination of the President with hundreds in attendance.

But I digress…

I interviewed seventeen different Proud Boys of all different races, colors, creeds and opinions.  I left in absolute disagreement with the main stream media’s portrayal of the group.  Here are the interviews:

Proud Boy Belief System

Since I am probably the only one aside from people like Tim Pool who set out to actually find the truth instead of blaring fallacies on national television, it’s safe to say that this is truly the dawn of independent journalism and the commencement of the demise of the main stream media.  Especially because most polls show that normal every day working class citizens don’t trust the main stream media for true information anymore.

Here is what I understand the Proud Boys are:

  • A fraternal group of men of every race, color and creed
  • A group of men that like to be around others that share the same beliefs
  • A support system for men who have had troubled pasts, some possibly rejected socially in school and just want to be a part of something
  • They enocurage men to be strong again by increasing each other’s self esteem
  • They go against the main stream narrative that says you should be ashamed to be part of a western culture, living in America or the color you are
  • They reject the increasingly popular belief that men should teach their sons to be submissive or weak.
  •  A group of Men that refuse to apologize for western culture, which created the modern world
  • They are against political correctness and believe it has gone too far

With the Proud Boys, it doesn’t matter what ‘race group’ you belong to, because in their belief system, everyone who is here in America and is proud to be an American or a part of western culture is accepted.

Without naming names, it seemed to me that some of the men I interviewed did have some sort of confidence issues, possibly borderline social anxiety.  But the Proud Boys open admit that it is their aim to build people like this up and make them stronger in the process.

The Proud Boys are well known for attending pro-American rallies during the general election season and thereafter, such as the infamous “Battle for Berkeley.” In Berkley, California on April 15th of this year, many voters of President Trump were attacked by the Antifa group I mentioned earlier.  The Proud Boys on several occasions have openly admitted that their attendance at events is to defend free speech, and never attack first. Endless footage on YouTube that have documented these rallies, show this to be the case.

The Degrees Of Membership

The Proud Boys, like many organizations, have different degrees of membership. The first degree is your Proud boy oath, the second degree is standing in the middle of a circle of senior members while getting pummeled until you can name 5 breakfast cereals. and then of course the third degree is getting the famous Proud Boy tattoo.

Say what you will about the second degree initiation, but I think it’s for the good.  For the types of new members that have esteem issues, I believe that the somewhat ‘hard nose’ second degree process is uplifting. Imagine sitting down at a bar, sore-bodied and bruised with the large group of guys who dished it out to you.  The same group of men that now call you one of their own and their friend.  Imagine what how this feels to the member that never got to feel like they fit in before.

White Western Guilt

Speaking of ‘white western guilt.’  I have debunked this line of thinking in a video I made just recently.  Of course I was called a ‘white racist nazi’ for this video, but you know, sticks and stones….