Trump Supporters Receiving Death Threats on Facebook, Facebook Responds By…..Doing Nothing.

Patriots Forced To Consider Legal Alternatives Due To Facebook’s Inaction

Several California Trump supporters have been the target of online death threats, both on Facebook and Messenger, made by organized groups of illegal immigrants and their followers who have been running a daily attack campaign on patriots like Harim Uziel and Robert Herrera. Early attacks by groups such as “Mexicans Wake Up” and “Real Mexican Problems” consisted mainly of hate speech, insults, and requests to report their pages to FB to get these patriots blocked. These campaigns succeeded in getting both of these gentlemen blocked, and yet the attacks continued, now targeting back up pages and known associates.

Recently the attacks have escalated to direct death threats and threats of physical harm. Below are screen shots of just a sample of the many open threats by members of these groups. They intentionally use gang code, such as the term “green light”, a phrase used by gang members to refer to an ‘authorized’ gang hit, or person with a murder contract on their head.


Death threats using gang code “Green Light”.

While these posts have been reported by many angry FB users who want to see Facebook’s stated standard of “No Threats” be enforced, many of these posts are reviewed by FB and allowed to remain. Perhaps FB was confused by gang lingo, or maybe they just only enforce the rules for Liberals. This author is prone to believe the latter.

If you are a Trump supporter or a conservative, you have likely experienced Facebook’s liberal bias. Hate speech by the left against Trumpers when reported is deemed to “not violate FB community standards” while nearly every strong right wing opinion is deemed a violation. Conservatives are often banned by FB, or as it is known, “put in Facbook jail”, an experience so common on the right as to be a badge of honor and sign of right wing passion. The Left does not receive the same treatment, as we all know. Ask any liberal on Facebook if they know what “Facebook Jail” is and most will not have any clue.

I think this threat speaks for itself.

The liberal bias on FB is now, however, taking a potentially dangerous and deadly turn. FB will not stop these group pages that engage in daily threats and doxxing, and the threats are escalating. Members of these groups have started sending private messages with the current addresses of these besieged patriots. Several members have made threats that are not removed by FB, and when Facebook does remove a post, they still REFUSE to close down these groups so the cycle of threats continues. With the potential involvement of gangs and “green light” death threats, our fellow patriots are forced to take the matter to law enforcement and try to protect themselves.

They do in fact know where they live as patriots have received messages with their current address from these terrorists.

Facebook doesn’t seem to care if they live or die. I guess the “community” only matters if you are on the left and Facebook policy is apparently “Conservative Lives DON’T Matter”. Shame on you, Zuckerberg. I call on all patriots to insist Facebook enforce its policy fairly and protect both liberals AND conservatives from threats of harm. Report ANY threats of violence and the pages they come from, and follow up with further demands to address their biased policy when they fail to remove posts that clearly violate posted FB standards. And let them know one thing:

If Facebook won’t protect Trump supporters maybe it’s time we should leave.


Even when FB removes a single post, it allows leftist hate groups to continue to operate.