Trump Supporters Plan “Million Maga March” in Washington D.C. to Protest Fraudulent Election — Hundreds of Thousands of Trump Voters Planning on Attending

Soon after what many have claimed to be a fraudulent election, Trump supporters took to the streets in protest against a rigged election, riddled with countless examples of irregularities, false votes and ballot harvesting.

The major event announced called “Million Maga March” plans on marching from Freedom Plaza, to SCOTUS.

The countless Twitter pages, Facebook groups and celebrities pledging they will attend has all of Washington waiting in anticipation for the event. Millions of voices on social media have shared the hashtag #MillionMagaMarch and claim they are going to attend.

The event is said to begin at 12:00 noon, but thousands of Trump supporters will be showing up in D.C. many days before hand. The event is sure to rock the political swamp in D.C. as their attempts to steal the election unravel. If you are planning on attending, please do so peacefully and unarmed.