Trump Supporters Party IN FRONT OF Maxine Waters’ House!

No Justice, No Paycheck

Omar Navarro, who looks to have a good chance to finally unseat Maxine Waters in Congress, decided to kick off his campaign for the 2018 election by throwing a party in front of Maxine Waters’ mansion, which by the way, is completely outside the district she is supposed to be representing.

That district is the 43rd Congressional District, and Waters lives far away from the 43rd in a $4.3 million mansion in Hancock Park.  You have to drive through the dangerous 43rd that Maxine has left in ruins, to get to the well-to-do area, where Waters actually lives in opulence.

Omar Navarro on the other hand, who has been featured on Info Wars several times, does live in the 43rd District, and is an avid Trump supporter.  Navarro is also not a typical establishment politician and has appeared at dozens of pro-Trump rallies, including Berkeley, fighting for the cause. When was the last time you saw a politician with a helmet on?

Omar hilariously trolled Maxine Waters on Monday by throwing a party on her front lawn following the Town Hall that Waters held on Saturday.  He also brought a loud Mariachi band.