Trump Supporters March Against Islamic Law In San Bernadino

SAN BERNADINO – Just a few hundred feet away from where the terrorist attack occurred in San Bernadino, Trump supporters gathered to protest Islamic Sharia law and the inherent oppressive beliefs of the religion of Islam.

Sharia courts thankfully have not yet come to America, however several hundred Sharia courts have in fact moved into western countries as of recent, including those in the UK.

Underneath the surface and illegally, sharia law has also ben carried out in the US as well.  This year two Muslim doctors from Michigan were indicted for performing female genital mutilation in Minnesota on girls as young as six.

On the other side of the street counter protesters joined together to shout and scream down at Trump supporters.  The organizer of the counter protest was heard on a megaphone telling the group to not engage in any sort of discourse with the Trump supporters.