Trump Supporters March Through Berkeley With Trump Flags

Antifa Stronghold Invaded By Trump Supporters

Following a conservative rally in Sacramento, a viewer on The Red Elephant’s live stream made a suggestion that the media group should take the hour and a half trip over to Berkeley, CA and march in the city donning Trump apparel.

Vincent James who was streaming live at the time addressed the suggestion saying that documenting such an act would show how truly intolerant the left is.

After gathering a few willing and able, that’s exactly what they did.

As they expected the group experienced several hurled insults, numerous accusations of ‘white supremacy,’ and countless threats of physical violence.  More clear and blatant how truly regressive the left is.

As the small group proudly walked through the old historical town, they placed pepe stickers over several of the anarchist propaganda posters that they came across during the walk.

After about a two hour walk police eventually showed up and stated that the group should head back to their cars to avoid any further threats of violence.

“You came here, you made your point and it was a good point.  It would be best if you marched back to where your cars were parked and headed out.  We will give you an escort back to your vehicles,” the police office said.

As the Trump supporters headed out to finish off their social experiment more and more joined the march at the tail end.  Aside from a couple of near fist fights and a man threatening to stab the group members it was a casualty free day.